Two for the price of one…Literally

So after a year and a half of unsuccessfully trying to fall pregnant, we bit the bullet and did our first cycle of IVF in April 2017. Just like a regular period cycle it took about a month and through the process you knew the exact date you would find out if you were pregnant or not.

Eleven days after the embryo transfer, I went for the pregnancy blood test and waited for our fertility specialist to call with the results. He said “so I’m just ringing to tell you… that you are officially up the duff”!  God love him! And YAAAAAAY!!!

So for the next four weeks I worried my pants off just wanting to get to that 6 week scan in hope of seeing a healthy little heart beat! The day finally arrived and my husband and I went into the scan like two little keen beans! When we got there the sonographer confirmed all our details. IVF pregnancy? (yep!), fresh cycle? (yep!), just one embryo transferred? (yep!) and then she started the scan. Instantly we saw a beautiful fluttering heartbeat which washed away every worry from the last four weeks! After a few seconds of looking around she said “did you say just one embryo?” I sarcastically responded “yeah why is there two? HAHA!”… and she didn’t say anything… I said “OH MY GOD THERE’S TWO?!?!”

…Turns out there was two! Our one little precious embryo had split into two!


I have never laughed and cried and said so much at the same time. They were tears of joy. I felt elated! We were so shocked! I was saying “oh my god” for the next 3 days! Jason had always wanted twins! At every one of our appointments with the fertility Dr. he would beg him to put two embryos in so we could have twins. The thought of twins had never even crossed my mind! Heck we couldn’t even fall pregnant with one… and yet two at the same time… WHAT.THE.ACTUAL.FUCK!?!? We literally got two for the price of one!

Jason and I were laughing for days! He and I are very similar, we love a challenge, love being busy but most of all love doing things a little bit differently… so of course we would  be blessed with twins! We had to do things a little bit differently!

Identical twins are pure luck. Not genetic, they don’t get passed down through generations. When our Dr. called us about an hour after our scan he said that in our scenario it was a 1 to 2% chance of happening…and it happened for us! These little miracles were definitely worth the wait!





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