10 (non sponsored) MUST-HAVES for twin mamas! (0-6 months)

I often get asked about the go-to items for being a twin mama! I had a whole lot of different stuff that didn’t get used! So to avoid you wasting your money on shit you don’t need… below is the list of useful items I couldn’t live without as a twin mama! (None of these are sponsored!)

1. BOUNCERS! As a twin mum, bouncers become your extra pair of hands! They are the ultimate baby sitters for when we need to have a shower, do a wee or just have coffee! And the best part is with a little help from a rolled up towel, it also turns your twinnies into self sufficient bottle feeders! Also in the early days my girls didn’t love sleeping flat on their backs so I use to swaddle them and pop them in the bouncers where they would happily sleep slightly elevated! We got two of the Baby Bjorn Bliss Air bouncers. They are on the more expensive end of the bouncer spectrum, but for us we loved that they fold down flat and are quite portable and light and the mesh is super easy to clean! But any bouncer will do!



2. CAR CAPSULES! I know a lot of parents battle as to whether to get a car capsule initially or just pop bub straight into a car seat… As a twin mum anything that makes getting from A to B easier is worth it! “But they are so effing expensive for 6 months worth of use” I hear you say! AGREED! So we rented ours! Rather than spending $300-$500 TIMES TWO and then 6 months later having two capsules to get rid of, renting was the best thing we did! The capsules were like brand new, they install them for you and when you’re done with them, they uninstall them and take them back! (We paid $150 per capsule for a 6 month lease!). For the first couple of months I would always connect the capsules to my pram (Bugaboo Donkey) and this was perfect for easy in-and-out of car transitions (especially if you’re alone!)


3. MY BREAST FRIEND! I only breast fed for 6 weeks and I had been given the ‘Milkbar’ twin feeding pillow but found that too narrow and puffy so the girls would roll off… so I went and bought the ‘My Breast Friend’ twin feeding pillow and that was much better!!! We use to call it my space ship! It is huge and you strap yourself in like you’re about to take off into space but it really does the job and has little pockets for your water bottle and phone etc! Both feeding pillows also doubles as a baby holder if need to put a bub down!

My Breast Friend twin feeding pillow
FYI: This isn’t me!                                   (My Breast Friend twin pillow)
random twin breastfeeding
These are mine! haha!                                      (My Breast Friend twin pillow)
Milkbar twin breastfeeding pillow
Milkbar Twin Feeding Pillow                = baby holder

4. MOUNTAIN BUGGY NANO DUO! Once your twinnies can sit up in a pram this pram is HEAVEN!! It is meant to be a travel pram but I use it all the time! Especially for quick trips! It folds down sooooo easily and is super light and literally has a strap so you can carry it over your shoulder! its folds down so tightly so you can actually fit something else other than a pram in your boot AND it it’s also very narrow and I am yet to find a door I can’t fit through!!!

Mountain Buggy Nano Duo

5. A SHITLOAD OF NAPPY TOWELS! You will use these for pretty much everything except nappies! They become cloths, bibs, bottle holder upperers and pillows. I have also laid one of these in the girls basinets and cots under their heads as it saves having to change entire bed linen because of dribbles/spew!

6. A THERMOS WATER BOTTLE! For the formula feeding mamas out there… this was a godsend! Especially for night feeds! Get a good quality thermos water bottle and fill up with your sterilised boiling water. The shit ones will go cold within half an hour so invest in a good one and not only do you have sterilised water storage but it also keeps it nice and warm for your little buttons! I use to fill one up and pop into my baby bag whenever we would leave the house so you don’t have to worry about where you will be for feed time you can just pop the water in their bottles and pop the formula in and BOOM!


7.  OLLIE THE OWL!  The Gro Company Ollie the Owl is one of the few ‘toys’ I have reason to rave about! Firstly because it plays a lullaby… and not shit sounding, dinky donk, elevator music lullaby… a beautiful, soothing lullaby. It also has the options of heartbeat, white noise and rainfall sounds. But the best thing about Ollie is that he has a cry sensor so if bub starts to cry it will play whatever sound you have have activated for 20 mins! It also has a night light that stays on for 30 mins. And he’s pretty cute!


8. FEEDING SEATS! When the time comes that your little twinnies are ready to start munching down some pureed solids, little portable feeding seats are awesome! You can move them anywhere you like and they are designed to help them sit as steadily upright as possible since they are still going to be quite young! We got the Ingenuity seats which come with a little tray that slides away underneath when you’re one!


 9. BOTTLE STERILISER! Another one for the formula feeing mamas. You’re going to be going through a shit load of bottles! It’s not the olden days! You don’t need to be boiling water on the saucepan to sterilise your bottles anymore! Most major bottle brands have a steriliser to match and they aren’t all that expensive. I got the starter pack of Tommee Tippee bottles which included a steriliser and when you’re going through more than 10 bottles a day you need it!


10. ORICOM BABY MONITOR! I got given this baby monitor for my baby shower and it has been fabulous! When the girls finally moved into their own cots I was able to go out and buy another camera to add to the parent monitor so with a press of a button on the parent monitor I can see either Twin A or Twin B. It also has some music options that can play out of the baby camera and you can even be like big brother and speak through the monitor! The only thing I hate about this monitor is that is doesn’t show the time on it but other than that its great!



Hope this helps!

Other twin mamas please feel free to leave any of your suggestions in the comments!!!

xx Tegan


2 Replies to “10 (non sponsored) MUST-HAVES for twin mamas! (0-6 months)”

  1. We were gifted 2x Stokke Tripp Trapp chairs with newborn capsules and they have been a life saver. It’s like a cross between a bouncer and feeding chair. I use them for a bottle feed, to sit one twin in whilst breast feeding Bub 2 and just generally when they’re unsettled. And because they’re up off the ground we quite frequently pop the twins in them they’e Unsettled and our mealtimes and pull them up to our dining table.


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