My name is Tegan Natoli, I’m 30 years old and live in Sydney, Australia.

Prior to becoming pregnant with twins, I thought I had already tried accomplishing some pretty challenging stuff! From my late teens I was frolicking around the world chasing a career in singing, performing in America, Switzerland and Indonesia and of course Australia. While doing that I also started my first business at 19 years old, another 4 businesses over the next 8 years and pretty much worked my butt off for a solid 10 years until finally my priorities changed and I wanted to start a family!

Enter gorgeous husband! Love of my life! Having known each other as mates for many years, once our summer love affair kicked off it moved pretty quickly! A year and half later we were engaged and 6 months after that we were married! In that time we started trying for a baby and 18 months later we still had not conceived! I’d always had this weird feeling that I would struggle falling pregnant and now it was happening!

So we bit the bullet and went to see a fertility specialist at Genea IVF. After a bunch of testing on both hubby and I, it was established that we couldn’t NOT fall pregnant naturally, although our chances were lessened due to hubby’s lazy swimmers. We could of continued to try and hoped for the best but both of us are super impatient and had already felt the frustration of not falling pregnant for too many months!

So in May 2017 we started our first cycle of IVF. Holy hell! I thought I was an emotional psycho when it came to trying naturally… IVF took that to a whole new level! However we were so lucky to have a really successful cycle and after a blood test was told that I was “officially knocked up”!

Feeling extremely blessed and so excited but of course super nervous we counted down every single sleep until our first scan in hope of seeing a healthy little heartbeat. So off we go to our 6 week scan but we didn’t see one healthy little heartbeat… we saw two! And while twins can be a common result of  IVF when multiple embryos are transferred… we only transferred ONE embryo! Our little embryo got so excited in my uterus that it replicated and split giving us identical twins! WOAH! (Insert 3 days of laughing and saying “OHHH MYYY GODDDD” in disbelief!)

That moment was hands down the best moment of my life. A complete surprise! We couldn’t even fall pregnant at all so twins had never even crossed my mind!

So now here we are feeling blessed but knowing that we have lots to learn. So I thought why not share my journey. Why? Because through every stage of infertility and IVF and pregnancy, it was the random internet strangers that helped me feel like I wasn’t alone. Finding other women who had written about similar experiences that I could relate to literally got me through the times where I thought maybe my family and friends wouldn’t understand because they hadn’t been through it.

I was lucky to have a really good pregnancy! A little morning sickness during my first trimester but nothing too crazy. Until my 3rd trimester turned me into a walking ball of fluid. I spent most of my baby shower with my feet in an ice bucket because my ankles were so swollen! This was the beginning of my ‘kankles’! I started documenting them on insta and they had quite a following! (haha!)


At 34 weeks I could barely walk. I would sleep in the bath to relieve my pelvis of the pressure and the feeling of needing to constantly pee… even though I didn’t need to! My whole entire body was so swollen my feet literally didn’t fit any shoes even 3 sizes bigger! I had an obstetrician appointment at 34 weeks and he sent me straight to the hospital and told me to take my hospital bag as I may not be coming out before the twins would be born. Turned out I had pre-eclampsia (high blood pressure) and 6 days later my beautiful twin girls Indiana & Samara were born via c-section.


So I invite you to join the ride with me!  To discuss what was, what is and what will be. Share your experiences and hopefully you can take something from mine! Because if there is one thing I have learnt in my short time as a mother is that just when you think you’ve figured it out… it all changes!

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